How to choose the right gym?

First of all, I would recommend you to pay attention for gyms located next to your house or work. It is important for the gym to be near to the place where you spend the most part of your day. You will have fewer obstacles on your way to success because it will allow you not to spend extra energy and time for the way there.

Next criteria for choosing the right gym would be the roominess of the gym (there should be enough space and air) and training equipment (gym should have equipment for all groups of muscles, as well as cardio zone and the power frame) and, of course, trainers who will be able to explain how to use all that equipment (this criterion is especially important to the beginners).

A sauna and a swimming pool are additional options which are offered by some gyms. Those options could have a quite relaxing and pleasant effect but they will increase the cost of the monthly subscription. You should decide for yourself – is it worth it for you?

Personally, for me, those options have never been determinative. In practice, I have seen the well-known sportsmen coming out of the so-called “basement” gyms, so you can see the subscription price does not guarantee the result.

I wish you good luck, patience, and diligence in achieving your goals!

Yours faithfully,
Trainer Evgeny Mamikonyan