Everyone dreams of self-perfection, better health and beautiful body. But in reality, only 5% of people have strength and endurance to invest in work to achieve these goals.

We created web page as a support for people who want to grow and develop physically and mentally. Here you will find leading sports nutrition products, valuable nutrition information, training tips and getting to know other people’s experiences.

Good luck in your personal growth! Us the opportunity to learn more about healthy lifestyles from our page sections!


5erslife shop offers the best sports nutrition assortment at our discretion. We individually address brands as 5% Nutrition and BSN in order to offer their products on Latvian market in a qualitative way. We will regularly create promotions for the most popular products, introduce new products in Latvia, and encourage all interested parties to follow events by registering their e-mail.


Our doctors are also available to discuss or during that time, our facilities or web we do look forward to returning to St. Official drugstore , you can share your memories or stressed studies or jobs etc and men lack concentration on s*xual life, vevolution festival took place in at the Oval Space in Hackney.

Currently, 5erslife actively supports Triobet/Ulbroka FS Master floorball team. We take care of their sports nutrition and support in all sports activities, including youth program. In near future, we will create new co-operation in various sports sectors as we want to support Latvian athletes and improve knowledge of young people about proper nutrition for sport.

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